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Serving Worcester County since 1948

Founded by the late Frank Shliapa the company is now run by the next generation - his daughter Nancy and her husband Michael Sullivan as Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping.


Professional Association

We are proud member of SIMA and have authored articles for "Snow Business Magazine".


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About Us

Our family business has served Worcester County for close to 60 years!   The company was founded by our father, Frank Shliapa, who owned and operated Shliapa Brothers Construction Company.  Prior to starting his business he worked at a tractor company in Spencer, MA and was one of the first in Massachusetts to operate “hydraulic” equipment.  He was very well known for the tractor shows at the Spencer Fair, in Spencer, MA .  Those who knew Frank recall his “effortless” way and “precision” for operation with heavy equipment.  He was very famous for his excavation work at the Quabbin Reservoir, and his television appearances for his performance with outstanding snow removal in keeping major firms in Worcester open, during the Blizzard of 1978!  

The original roots of the company focused to Excavating and Snow Plowing/Removal.  Later our company branched out to Landscaping to offer more services to our customers. Many prestigious companies in Worcester Country were serviced by our family. Our company services both Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. 

Frank believed in lasting relationships with his customers and ensured 100% satisfaction in all work that his company performed.   Although he did not have a written mission statement, he stood for customer service, dependability, commitment, loyalty, performance, quality, reasonable rates and most importantly trust. The secret of his success was based on employing family members, generation after generation.  We were born into the business with the same value system that our father instilled in all of us.  We all had a role to play in the business. Even if we had other jobs and responsibilities, we still worked in this business.  It became something more than a job, it was and continues to be something we are proud to be a part of and we enjoy our profession like a hobby!  Any job performed became a matter of continuing our good name!   We have had no accidents, incidents, consumer complaints, or losses.  We were and are well respected members of our community and are happy and proud to serve it!

At Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping our business continues with these same family values with Frank’s son-in-law, Michael and his wife, Nancy (Shliapa) Sullivan.   Michael worked with Frank since the 1970s and took over the business in 1992, while Frank continued to work with us, while on his semi-retirement!  Michael learned how to operate the equipment with the best hydraulic operator and trainer in heavy equipment, Frank! Michael owns and operates his business to maintain high standards in performance.  He maintains hoisting licenses for the operation of excavators, backhoes, loaders, etc. which are required by law with the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.  And, he requires all of his family members and staff to maintain the proper licensing and training before operating in his business!  He has over 30 years of experience including the operation of excavating equipment and ensures customer satisfaction in all work performed.

Nancy (Shliapa) Sullivan runs the office of the business to ensure appropriate training, hiring, insurance, contractor, state and federal law compliance.  In addition, Nancy has served as a well known Vice President for major and local insurance companies in Worcester County, for 30 years.  Therefore, it is no accident that we have had zero accidents or losses in our company’s history.  She is highly experienced in contracts and insurance with a strong focus to claim investigations, fraud and loss prevention.  She assists in customer service, estimates and business relationships, and is well respected for her “down to earth” communications and her pleasurable management style.  She has run general operations for prominent insurance companies in Worcester County with outstanding performance and industry respect.   She ensures that our family business runs the same way!

Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping are proud and active members of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association).  In addition, Nancy serves as a very knowledgeable member of the Insurance Committee of this National Association, assisting in securing health care benefits and general liability coverage for its members.  She also contributes her experience and time to the industry, and has been approached and writes articles for “Snow Business Magazine” to increase the professionalism and respect of the Snow Removal Industry.

When you hire your next Excavating, Landscaping or Snow Plowing contractor, you will want to be sure they maintain the same experience and credentials that we have!   And, since we have been in business for close to 60 years you can rest assured that we have the financial stability to invest in our business and we can take care of yours!

Call Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping today for a free estimate or consultation for your residence or business!

Michael and Nancy (Shliapa) Sullivan

The SIMA Code is established to promote the highest professional standards of service and conduct of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). By maintaining these principles, our members will be recognized as professionals by customers, vendors and other industry professionals. Through high regard for the code, membership in this association will be deemed a significant indicator of individuals' responsibility, character and professionalism.

SIMA Code of Ethics

As a member of the Snow & Ice Management Association, I accept and fully agree to abide by this Code and pledge myself to:

  • Practice honesty and integrity, by adhering to the highest standards of business practices in our industry;
  • Utilize every practical opportunity to expand my professional knowledge of myself and that of my employees through education and training, thereby improving myself and my profession;
  • Observe all state and federal laws and retain all appropriate insurance;
  • Maintain the highest level of personal conduct and act in a manner such that I would be prepared to defend myself publicly;
  • Recognize that I and my company supply an emergency service and take every precaution to operate in a manner that will protect the safety of my employees, customers and the public in general;
  • Attract to the profession those who possess a high degree of integrity, honesty, courtesy and competence;
  • Recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in my relationships with fellow snow contractors and others associated with this profession and industry;
  • Express professional opinions on technical subjects publicly only when that opinion is founded upon adequate knowledge of facts and competence in the subject manner;
  • Uphold this Code of Ethics in all professional activity and use the SIMA name only for purposes that are authorized and fairly represent the organization and its professional standards;