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Clients & Testimonials

Client: Major employers in Worcester County require clearings and openings for 6 am. In addition, quality, pristine appearance, and loss prevention are above all their number one priority. They require 100% attention to their property from the first flake to the final clearing.

Dedicated equipment and staff are needed to achieve this objective. We operate with a “fleet of equipment” and a “fleet of resources” to handle any size storm or blizzard and have all lots open at 6 am without the need for a company closing in all our years of service. This requires appropriate math and experience to determine how much equipment is needed based on the time of the storm. In addition, in order to avoid the loss of any valuable parking spaces, curb to curb and down to the pavement clearing are achieved for every storm. In addition, safety and snow removal loss prevention are exercised at all times. This includes but is not limited to the appropriate clearing of snow: corners done correctly, snow removed and pushed back in preparation for the next storm/s and the appropriate snow practices of snow professionals to assist in avoiding unnatural melting of snow and liability issues. All work achieved with outstanding performance, superior execution, reasonable rates and ZERO incidents. Accounts held on average for 45 years!


Client: Customer had water in cellar since the day they moved into their home. Every spring and summer they had a submergible pump going day and night in order to remove water from their cellar.

Solving appropriate drainage for this customer was our priority.  Appropriate trenches, stone and drainage piping were necessary to resolve this common nuisance.  At the completion of this project, the owner of this residence did not have any concerns with water in their cellar, even with rainy springs.  The cellar of this homeowner could be used as additional living quarters without the fear of water in the basement.  The submergible pump has never been on since then!


Client:  Worcester employer called us to assist in the removal of snow, during a blizzard in which their company was unable to open with current snow provider. Current service provider did not have enough equipment to maintain the requirements of each customer serviced, and the storm “took over” where no curbs could be seen to begin plowing operations. Snow providers operating with less than a handful of equipment, servicing acres of parking, multiple customers, and subject to breakdowns for this type of storm, can close down your business in major storms if equipment and staff are minimal.

This Client’s service provider was ill equipped to handle this size storm. We went to the property during the height of the blizzard and there was no way to see where the curbs were located. Loaders were essential in order to begin snow operations. The provider is no longer in business. Be sure that your provider can give you some facts and statistics to ensure your openings at your specified times, and understands how much equipment and staff they have and need to keep their promise and commitment to you. There is a big difference in staff and equipment needs for these types of storms and clearing 20 plus acres of parking in hours not days! Be sure you hire a Snow Professional with years of experience and enough equipment to serve you properly.


Client:  Client had a walkway that was old fashion and outdated. In addition, the current walkway was not preventing dirt and other materials from getting into their home.  Client wanted a complete “makeover” for their front entrance as well as a means of protecting their home from dirt due to a worn out walkway.

A walkway of pavers was the style desired by this Client. A simple style that brought a touch of elegance to the property was important in design. Working together with this Client, we developed a design and color scheme for the walkway which added class to the property while solving unsightly dirt, from entering the front door!