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The Critical Factors
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The Five Critical Factors

Read the details of these 5 Critical Factors before signing your next snow services agreement:
  • Safety
  • Insurance
  • Equipment
  • Staff
  • Price







The 5 critical factors

SAFETY AND INSURANCE should be your number one consideration.  Hiring the right, qualified provider, is critical to keeping your operation open and safe during the winter season.  You need to select a provider that will not only clear your lots for every storm, but also mitigate risk and liability.  Be sure that the company you hire has the expertise to understand not only how to remove snow, but all aspects including loss prevention and is in full compliance with all laws and licensing.

Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping staff has an average of 20 years of snow plowing experience.  All heavy equipment operators have 30 years of experience and maintain hoisting licenses as required by law.  We follow the practices of SIMA to ensure your safety, as well as ours.  We are proud to say that our business is staffed with family members who care about your property and safety.  Our owner, Michael, ensures that our staff receives initial and ongoing training, which includes formal education before operating equipment on your grounds.

It is “no accident” that we have had ZERO accidents or losses in close to 60 years.  The owner’s wife, Nancy, has a 30-year career as an Officer and Vice President for several local and major Insurance Companies and maintains experience in Claim Investigations, Fraud, Risk Management and General Operations; and runs the family business to ensure compliance with training, insurance, loss prevention, contractor, federal and state requirements.  Nancy is also a very active committee member on the “Insurance Committee” for SIMA.  So when we say we are FULLY insured, we really are!  If there were to be an incident you will want to ensure that you are working with a company that understands the business and plays by the rules! 

Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping maintains $2 million dollars of coverage in General Liability AND the use and operation of our mobile snow equipment.  We maintain Worker’s Compensation coverage for ALL of our employees.  We comply with all insurance disclosures and reports.  Snow logs and other documentation are maintained for all aspects of our operation, which contains the details of all of our work for each and every storm/winter season.

STAFF AND EQUIPMENT is important to ensure your operation will have the “proper amount” of equipment and staff to support your openings.  Our staff members are properly trained.  In addition, the owners perform quality control checks to ensure all work is completed to your satisfaction before exiting your premises.

We have the equipment and manpower to support the largest storms of New England for the accounts we service.  We keep abreast of technology and we use the best and safest techniques in snow removal.  We ensure our equipment is updated and properly maintained with dedicated equipment and staff for servicing YOUR account for the full 6 months; November-April.  We don’t juggle or do the magician acts with equipment and staffing.  Equipment and staff are dedicated to each account.  We have the ability to clear your lots through either "snow pushers" or state of the art power angle plows, some of which have been “designed” especially for our customers!  Snow removal is time sensitive, so you need to clear your lots on your time table, not the contractors!  The amount and type of equipment and staff can be a matter of opening at 6 am or 9 am.  Be sure you know the math and require your snow provider to provide maximum coverage.  Many providers take chances with a handful of equipment and staff and are clearing your lots in traffic flow, which is dangerous.

At Sullivan Contracting and Landscaping for your security and peace of mind we conduct background checks on our staff before they enter your premises.  We are also fortunate that our family business maintains two invaluable skills for immediate service in the event of breakdowns: mechanics and welders.  These talents are critical when a snow storm hits at 2 am and the only businesses that are open during a storm are the “Snow Plowing Companies.”

Be sure your snow provider has enough equipment, skills and staff in “reserve” to cover you for the 30 inch storm breakdowns, and storms that require clearing at 3:30 am for a 6 am opening.  Too many providers service too many accounts, with a small fleet and nothing in reserve when breakdowns occur. We ensure dedicated staff and equipment per account, for the entire 6 months of the winter season, and we don’t leave your premises to attend to other priorities, as our priority is YOU!

After being in business for close to 60 years, you can rest assured that we have financial stability to invest in our business and take care of you!

PRICE Our family knows how to price, service and retain customers.  Our family business held accounts on average for well over 45 years. We can offer you competitive pricing to meet your needs and budget.  This can include season pricing, inch pricing and in some cases hourly rates, to assist you in quality service without breaking your budget!  At Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping we do not have any “hidden costs.”  What we discuss and agree to will be the cost.  We offer free estimates, and work with you season after season, to ensure your satisfaction in quality, service and price.

Our family business gives Contractors a good name!

CALL US for a free consultation and estimate, on servicing you safe and right for the winter season!

Michael and Nancy (Shliapa) Sullivan