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We are recognized as Industry Experts!

We are proud member of SIMA and have been approached by "Snow Business Magazine"to draw on our expertise in the areas of snow removal and insurance.






Helpful Information

Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping provides helpful information for business and residential customers to assist them in selecting the right contractor for their business. Most of the information in this section is geared around our specialty, Snow Services. We have specialized in Snow Services for Worcester County for close to 60 years for some of the most prestigious companies with outstanding performance and more importantly without accidents, losses or incidents. We have kept some of the largest employers of Worcester County open during every storm and blizzard we serviced!   We know the snow business, and assist our colleagues in helping them understand the importance of this emergency service. 

For information focused on the five critical elements to use in evaluating a potential contractor visit "The 5 Critical Factors" page for an informative article. Procurement Managers may find this information very helpful.

Please feel free to download our FREE BROCHURE on how to select a Snow Provider.  At Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping we are sure that you will find this brochure helpful, when reviewing and comparing us with other providers.  We have raised the bar of professionalism for this industry and we are happy to come to your company and provide and prove our expertise of the best in Snow Providers.  At our company you always deal with the owners and will feel confident, safe and will sleep through the night knowing that you are dealing with professionals who have the experience and expertise to manage the stress of winter snow services to keep you open!


Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping has been approached and has written articles for the “Snow Business Magazine”, the official snow magazine for SIMA. With the permission of Snow Business we hope to release and post articles to you this year on our website, to increase your awareness that this industry is more than just “clearing snow” or “dropping the plow”! There is safety and liability issues that you need to consider in the equation of your final selection. We hope we are part of the equation!

In addition, we have a helpful reference  on "How to Select a Winter Snow Provider" from SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association) of which we are a proud and active member.  Click here to see it now.

On our "Links" webpage we are also providing links to other websites to raise your knowledge of the best practices in the snow removal business. 

It will be our pleasure to service you for this winter season, and keep you safe season after season.

Respectfully and most sincerely,

Michael and Nancy (Shliapa) Sullivan