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retaining & Block walls

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Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property. One of the first things people do to increase value is to improve the overall appearance of the home by enhancing its curb appeal with landscaping. The popularity of adding a retaining or block wall has increased significantly because of the flexibility of design, practical uses and aesthetic options such as color and shape.

Many times block walls are done only to enhance the natural beauty of the landscape.  However, at times, retaining walls are necessary due to drainage concerns due to the topography of the land. Topsoil is an important resource and investment for any property owner. A well-built retaining wall system can preserve the natural shape of your land, reinforce hills and slopes, and protect buildings or other structures from possible landslides or soil erosion. At Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping retaining walls can also be an attractive enhancement to your overall landscaping vs the old-fashioned concrete blocks of long ago.

While adding to the look of a landscape, a retaining wall can also serve a practical purpose. One of the major uses for retaining walls is to help control erosion. For example, steep hills can lead to mudslides, improper drainage and general unsavory appearances.

At Sullivan Contracting & Landscaping, the results of retaining walls cannot only solve drainage and soil erosion but also create a whole new look for the property.  A retaining wall can then be accented with plants, shrubs and flowers, while effectively channeling water run-off.  The result is a beautiful retaining wall enhanced with colorful flowers and plants that also can solve other property owner problems like soil erosion and drainage.